BRICS Green Hydrogen Summit

India’s largest energy integrated company, NTPC Ltd, anchored two-day BRICS Green Hydrogen Summit.


  • Green Hydrogen is one of the most popular and demanding fields in current times and is considered as next carrier of energy.
  • Online event was attended by experts from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) countries.
  • BRICS countries shared their insights and professional views on subject and latest developments of their countries in the field of green hydrogen.
  • Key notes from expert highlights that, government & industry must work together to ensure that existing regulations are not an unnecessary barrier to investment.

Significance of BRICS in bringing green hydrogen

Five BRICS countries have a common vision of sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. Strategic areas of importance for grouping include- strengthening energy cooperation & ensuring affordable, reliable, accessible and secured energy for all. BRICS countries are capable of ensuring a net-zero carbon emission because the cost of deployment of emerging technologies in BRICS countries is a fraction as compared to developed countries.

Why focus is on green hydrogen?

BRICS countries are focusing on green hydrogen because it has a great potential to ensure sustainable energy supply, increase level of energy availability and minimize negative impact on environment.


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