Brahmanas of Vedas

The Brahmanas are the prose texts which explain the hymns in the Vedas, give explanation and applications and related stories of their origin. They also have some stories related to the certain persons related to the Vedic Text.

Brahmanas of Rig-Veda

Rig-Veda has two Brahmanas viz. Aitareya Brahmana & Kaushitaki Brahmana.

  • Aitareya Brahmana: Sometimes it is also known as Ashvalayana Brahmana. It is older than Kaushitaki in style and content. The legendary author ascribed for this Brahmana is Mahidas Aitareya. It is of Shakala shakhas of Rig-Veda
  • Kaushitaki Brahmana : It is of the Vatkal or Bashkala shakhas of Rig-Veda and sometimes also known as Śānkhāyana Brahmana. It is younger in content and style.

Brahmanas of Samveda

Samveda has following 10 Brahmanas

  • Jayminiya Brahmana
  • Tandyamaha or Pancavimsa Brahmana
  • Sadvimsa Brahmana
  • Samavidhana Brahmana
  • Arseya Brahmana
  • Devatadhyaya or Daivata Brahmana
  • Mantra or Chandogya Brahmana
  • Samhitopanisad Brahmana
  • Vamsa Brahmana
  • Jayminiya Arseya Brahmana

Brahmanas of Yajurveda

Brahmanas of Yajurveda include the following:

  • Kathaka Brahmana
  • Krishna: the Brahmanas are integrated into the samhitas:
    • Maitrayani
    • Carakakatha
    • Kapisthalakatha
  • Taittiriya Brahmana
  • Shatapatha Brahmana

Brahmanas of Atharvaveda

Atharva Veda has only one Brahmana and that is Gopatha Brahmana.

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