BEE initiatives lead to Rs 89,122 crores

On May 6, 2020, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy released report on “Impact of Energy Efficiency Measures, 2018-19”. According to the report, energy initiatives of BEE have helped to save Rs 89,122 crores.

Key Highlights

The report assessed annual savings of energy and carbon dioxide emissions. According to the report, the energy efficiency schemes have helped to save 113 billion units of electricity. This when converted to money, the scheme has helped save Rs 89, 122 crores.

The schemes have also helped to reduce 151.74 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Last year the reduction in emission was 108 million tonnes.

Objective of the report

The report aimed to evaluate the performance and impact of the key energy efficiency initiatives in the country. In the 2018-19 study, the report identified the following programmes as the key energy efficiency programmes

  • UJALA Programme
  • Perform, Achieve and Trade Scheme
  • Municipal Demand Side Management Programme
  • Standards and Labelling Programme

The report also highlighted India’s pledges at the Conference of Parties.

India’s pledges at COP21

India at COP21 has pledged that the energy intensity of its economy will reduce by 33% to 35% as compared to that of 2005. This is to be achieved by 2030. India has already reduced its energy intensity by 20% as compared to 2005.


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