Attendance tracking for Central government employees

PM Narendra Modi has upped the ante and has brought back the good days of Indian economy. The economy which was on a downward spiral showed signs of revival after it hit a growth of 5.7 percent, the highest recorded in the last several months.
This definitely stems from the hush of growth oriented policies, strategies and outlook of the new government. Riding on the horse of great work discipline and integrity another step of Modi government is making news.
The government will soon launch an attendance tracking website for all the Central government employees. This will promote transparency, discipline, punctuality and functioning of the government departments.
The website will be inspired from a similar website run by Jharkhand government, i.e. Jharkhand government’s attendance tracking website. The site gives details on various peripherals like number of employees who have reported for work, their check-in and check-out times etc. This has been extended to all the districts of the state.
The technical aspects will be fully unveiled at the launch but will be based on biometric systems which will take data back to the website. Unique ID from the first and last of the respective Aadhar numbers of employees will be issued to all the employees which will be maintained in a database. Many users from over a 100 organizations have already been registered on the website.
Various nodal officers have been appointed from every organization who have to create a master list of locations, designations and division of their respective organizations. Once done, individual employees can register into their accounts with their ID. This will prove to be turning point in the work-culture of government offices and will help employees to be ready for real service to the nation by coming out of their comfort zones and laid back attitudes.



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