‘Ashray’ System for Medical Bed isolation Launched in Pune for COVID 19

In order to combat the rising cases of COVID 19 in India, a deemed to be University in Pune has developed a medical bed isolation system named as ‘Ashray’ in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus in the country.

The Defence Institute of Advanced Technology has developed this system as a low-cost, reusable solution to maintain proper isolation of COVID 19 patients by creating a suction or negative pressure near exhale, further filtering and disinfecting the aerosol.

Details of ‘Ashray’

This bed isolation system envelops are made up of specialized material and manufacturing process with transparent and translucent supported on medical grade materials structure. The product is modular and portable in design and can be used for different requirements such as institutional, hospitals and home quarantine. The envelope is also reusable as it is antibacterial-antifungal and can be sanitized.

Each such envelope is capable of housing one set of bed, table and chair along with some walking space. The width of this can be adjusted as per the availability of space and it is opaque up to 3 feet from bottom to maintain the privacy of the patients. The cost of the setup for a unit of 10 beds in Rs 1 lakh in this system and for home, the quarantine facility may be available at Rs 15000 for a single bed.


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