Area around Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary notified as ESZ

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recently notified 48.32 square kilo metres around Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary as the Eco Sensitive Zone. Eco Sensitive Zones act as a buffer zone for protected areas. They reduce development pressures around national park or wildlife sanctuary.

Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary

It is home to twelve mangrove species, 167 species of birds such as Flamingos, 45 fish, 67 insect and mammals like jackals and 59 species of butterflies.

The Mangrove forest in the region has been declared as reserve forest under the Indian Forest Act. Also, these mangrove forests are included under Coastal Regulation zone.

Future Plans

Under the notification, highly polluting mining activities and industries are prohibited in the region. However, regulated eco-tourism, construction of hotels and resorts are allowed. Organic Farming, agro-forestry and use of eco-friendly transport is to be promoted.

Eco-Sensitive Zones

They are economically fragile areas in a radius of ten kilometres around the national parks, protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries.

They are notified under Environment Protection Act, 1986. However, the act does not mention the word Eco-Sensitive Zones.

Coastal Regulation zone

They are those areas that are influenced by tides. According to Coastal Regulation Zone rules, 1991, 500 metres of land between high tide line and low tide line is declared as Coastal Regulation Zone.

Reserve Forest

The Reserve Forest are restricted forest that are constituted by the State Government. The local people are prohibited in the reserved forest.

The other types are protected forests and village forests.


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