AquaMAP Water Management and Policy Centre

The new water management and policy centre, AquaMAP has been inaugurated by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, at IIT Madras, and its website was also launched.


  • The aim of AquaMAP is to provide solutions regarding the challenges faced due to water problems by implementing smart water management practices.
  • The water management practices will also be implemented across various fields across the nation and they will be used as scalable models for innovative management technologies.
  • AquaMAP, a national water centre under which IIT Madras is collaborating with IIT Dharwad on the broad theme of ‘Data Science for Water Security and Agriculture Sustenance.’

Aim of AquaMAP

AquaMAP looks to achieve:

  • The capability to address real-life water problems which are complex in nature through a consortium approach.
  • It looks to establish as an entity that can deliver solutions having various applications and wide impact.
  • It looks to complete pilot studies in a minimum of six water innovation villages or towns, that can then be showcased as models which can be replicated for policy implementation and water management, within India.
  • It will also look to address a minimum of three chronic water issues through various Grand Challenges and their transition into pilot projects.
  • A state-of-the-art Hydro-Informatics Laboratory will also be set-up under this project.
  • Community and Alumni Engagement Model will also be established.

AquaMAP Team

Ligy Philip, who is also the dean(planning) at IIT Madras, is the principal investigator of AquaMAP. 20 faculty members working on water-related issues and drawn from diverse departments such as Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences will be supporting Ligy Philip.

Also, a governing body which will be chaired by the IIT Madras director as well as an advisory board with many eminent people in this field of water technology, policy and management will also be a part of AquaMAP.



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