Amazon 30th July, 2020 Quiz Answers

1.Grant Imahara, who passed away recently, was the co-host of which popular science TV show on the Discovery Channel?

2.In a recent Star Sports Survey, MS Dhoni beat Sourav Ganguly by a narrow margin in the poll for which category?
Best Captain

3.26th July is observed in India , as _____ Vijay Diwas, in commemoration of a famous Indian military triumph.

4.In an upcoming movie, based on which scientist is Ethan Hawke playing the title role, with Kyle MacLachlan playing the role of Edison?
Nikola Tesla

5.38 year old Roshni Nadar is the CEO & Chairperson of which Indian company?


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  • Sumit

    Why I dont win in this quiz I have tried so many times why I dont win???❓❓😮