AEFI Panel confirms first Death linked to Vaccines

National AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunisation) panel has confirmed first death linked to covid-19 vaccine. A 68-year-old person got severe allergic reaction after he was vaccinated in March who died later.

Key points

  • The panel was set up to study side effects of covid-19 vaccine.
  • Panel confirmed, the first death was due to anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction caused due to venom, food or medication) following vaccination.
  • Panel released data for vaccinations only till first week of April and examined deaths that caused post vaccination in February, March and April.
  • According to panel, reported death rate was 2.7 deaths and while hospitalisation rate was 4.8 per million vaccine doses administered. However, this does not imply that deaths or hospitalisations were caused after vaccinations. Proper investigation and causality assessments can establish any relation between both.
  • Panel assessed 31 cases out of which, 18 were having inconsistent causal association to vaccination, 7 cases were indeterminate, 3 were vaccine-product related, 1 was anxiety-related reaction while 2 were unclassifiable.

What different reactions were observed?

According to Panel, vaccine-product related reactions were expected. Indeterminate reactions are reactions that are occurring soon after vaccination but no clinical trial data shows that, it could have been caused due to vaccine. Unclassifiable events are those which have been investigated but there is not enough evidence to assign a diagnosis. Coincidental events are events reported following vaccination. However, a clear cause associated with such events has been found.


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