Abhidhamma Day

The Abhidhamma Day is celebrated primarily in Myanmar. It is a Theravada Buddhist tradition. The day celebrates Buddha’s descent from heaven after teaching Abhidhamma to his mother.

About Abhidhamma Day

The day is celebrated on the full moon day of the seventh month. It is predominantly celebrated by the Theravada Buddhists. The Theravada Buddhists are spread in Myanmar, Laos Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand.


It is also called Abhidharma. The Abhidhamma pitaka is a holy text of Buddhists. The Abhidhammas that are read today are believed to have detailed scholastic reworking. That is, they are not completely taught by Buddha. The scholars and his disciples added their works to it. It deals with psychology, ethics and epistemology.

History of Abhidhamma

The Abhidhamma was not accepted by the Mahayana. The Mahayana Buddhists are those who believe that both monks and common man can achieve nirvana (enlightenment). On the other hand, the Theravada Buddhists believe that only monks could achieve enlightenment.

Abhidhamma Pitaka

Abhidhamma Pitaka is one of the Tripitaka. The Tripitaka is known as Pali Canon in English. It is the traditional scripture of Buddhism. It includes three pitakas such as Sutta pitaka, Vinaya pitaka and Abhidhamma pitaka. It is divided into seven books namely Yamaka, Vibhanga, Puggalapannatui, Patthana, Kathavatthu, Dhatukatha, Dhammasangani.

Vinaya pitaka

It is also called the book of discipline. It is divided into three books namely Parivara, Khandhaka and Suttavibhanga.

Sutta pitaka

It is divided into the following

  • Samyutta nikaya: has discourses of Buddha
  • Majjhina nikaya: has the middle length
  • Khuddaka nikaya: has minor collection
  • Digha nikaya: has long discourses
  • Anguttara nikaya: has numerical

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