Abel Prize for 2022

The winner of the Abel Prize 2022 is Dennis Parnell Sullivan, an American mathematician. This award also includes prize money which amounts to 7 Million NOK (Norwegian Krone).


  • He received this award for his contributions to topology, especially its geometric, algebraic, and dynamical aspects.
  • Topology is a field of mathematics that considers two things of different forms to be equivalent only if they can be deformed into each other.
  • Topology is a new field of mathematics as it was born at the end of the 19th century.
  • Topology is important in maths and various other fields like data science, economics, and physics.

About Abel Prize

The King of Norway presents the Abel Prize and it is given annually to an individual who has done a remarkable job in the mathematics field. This prize has been named after Niels Henrik Abel who was a famous Norwegian mathematician. This award took inspiration from the famous Nobel Prize. Nobel Prize doesn’t have a section for mathematics, though some mathematicians have won this prestigious prize in other fields. The Fields Medal is an annual award that is also considered to be the ‘Mathematics Nobel’ but it is only awarded to those individuals who are below the age of 40.

The Abel Prize was first awarded in 2003 to Jean-Pierre Serre, a French mathematician, for his contribution to algebraic geometry, topology, and number theory.

In 2007, S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan, who is an Indian-American citizen had won the Abel Prize for his contribution in probability theory and for creating a unified large deviation theory.



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