A new species “Troglomyces twitteri” discovered

A new parasitic fungus was discovered by a Denmark biologist called “Troglomyces twitteri”. The fungus has been named after Twitter as it was discovered in Twitter


The biologist Sofia Reboleira of University of Copenhagen, Denmark founded the species. The image was posted in Twitter by an entomologist 1n 2018. He was sending millipede photos to people who had tweeted him. The photos were being sent for polling purpose.

About the new species

The photo of the millipede had tiny dots that looked like Fungi. The Fungi belongs to the order called Laboulbeniales. These are fungi that attack millipedes and insects. They look like larvae.

There are more than 30 different species that attack the millipedes.


The Millipedes are arthropods. They have two pairs of jointed legs. They feed on decaying leaves and dead matter. Thus, in a way they help in decomposition process. They cause trouble in greenhouses where they cause severe damages to seedlings. They are harmless to humans.


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