22 September: Daughter’s Day celebrated

Daughter’s Day, a designated day to celebrate the importance of the girl child, is celebrated in India and worldwide on the 4th Sunday of September every year. The Daughters’ Day 2019 was observed on Sunday (September 22) in India.

The day is observed as a reminder of the fact that daughters are an asset to our society and there should not be any patriarchal notions attached to their birth. It is also to remind ourselves and the world about what your daughter means to you and how precious she is to you.


In India, since ages there has always been certain stigma attached to being a girl child, therefore, initially, Daughter’s day was celebrated to erase this stigma.

The primary objective of the day was to remove the notion that a girl child is a burden, and to remove the cultural practices and issues like dowry, female infanticide and foeticide.

Although there isn’t a concrete history behind celebration of Daughter’s Day and also no particular year which marks the beginning of daughter’s day celebration, in India.


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