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Amazon Quiz Answers – 28 April, 2021

1. Kraigg Brathwaite, the new Test captain of West Indies was born in which Caribbean island? Barbados 2. On April 6th, the UN observes International Day of ____ for Development and Peace. Fill in the blanks Sport 3. Eshan Naqvi, plays the role of which badminton player in the movie ‘Saina’, starring Parineeti Chopra? Parupalli ..


Daily Current Affairs Quiz: April 27, 2021

12345 1). As per the Sero survey conducted by the CSIR, the recurrence of coronavirus outbreak in March is due to the lack of ……….? Antigens Antibodies Lymphocytes White Blood Cells 2). What is the name of the medical device which concentrates oxygen from ambient air? Nebuliser Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Ventilator Oxygen Generator 3). Which ..


Amazon Quiz Answers – 27 April, 2021

1. On the occasion of National Maritime Day in India, observed on April 5th, an award named what is presented? Varuna 2. Recently, which of these vaccines was denied emergency use authorization in India by the government’s Subject Expert Committee? Sputnik V 3. Which organisation headquartered in Vienna, agreed to gradually ease its oil output ..


Daily Current Affairs Quiz: April 25-26, 2021

12345 1). Which country announced the “International Climate Finance Plan”, to double climate finance to developing countries? China USA Germany France 2). Which financial services company has launched the ‘ConQR’- QR code embedded credit card, along with BOB Financial? VISA Mastercard Rupay Maestro 3). ‘Mt Annapurna’, which was making news recently, is located in which ..


Amazon Quiz Answers – 26 April, 2021

1. During Easter, confectioners in which country often make chocolate likenesses of the rabbit sized marsupial- the Bilby? Australia 2. Pandit Ravi Shankar was born on April 7th, in which city known as a pilgrimage spot? Varanasi 3. Amid COVID-19 concerns, which tournament usually the first Masters 1000 event of the ATP season was postponed? ..


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