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Amazon Quiz Time Answers-30th June 2020

1.Which organization has recently become India’s first $150 bn company? RIL 2.23rd June is observed as a day promoting mass participation of sports, which celebrates the formation of what organization? IOC 3.Which famous writer born ..

Current Affairs: June 30, 2020

1. What is the minimum age limit for voters to opt for postal ballot in Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, after the revision? [A] 80[B] 75[C] 70[D] 65 Show Answer Correct Answer: D [65] Notes:According ..

Amazon Quiz Time Answers-29th June 2020

1.ISRO, in association with which space agency, is planning to launch a Lunar Polar Exploration Mission, planned to land in 2024? JAXA 2.What word did Instagram add to memorialize Sushant Singh Rajput’s account? Remembering 3.Which ..

Current Affairs: June 28-29, 2020

1. Which organisation has launched a new initiative to explore sandalwood and bamboo tree plantation? [A] Khadi and Village Industries Commission [B] National Institute of Agricultural Marketing[C] Small Frmers Agribusiness Consortium [D] Indian Council of ..

Amazon Quiz Time Answers-28th June 2020

1.Kathy Lueders is the first female head of human spaceflight program at which agency? NASA 2.Recently ASI discovered a 500-year-old temple dedicated to Gopinath Dev, submerged in which Indian river? Mahanadi 3.Twitter recently announced a ..