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Quiz 657: Indian History for SSC Examinations

GKToday’s daily quiz 657 on Indian History for SSC and State Exams with multiple choice questions on topics like Mahad Satyagraha, Persian ambassador, Kamandakiya-Nitisara, Poona Pact, Treaty of Seringapatam, and so on..

Indian Polity & Constitution

1. As per plan of Sir Stafford Cripps, it envisaged that after the conclusion of World War-II: [A] India should be granted complete independence[B] India should be partitioned and granted independence[C] India should be made a republic[D] India should be given dominion status Show Answer Correct Answer: D [India should be given dominion status] Notes:The […]

Environment & Biodiversity

1. Which of the following organ / tissue of human body is most sensitive to intake of lead? [A] Blood [B] Brain [C] Kidney [D] Lungs Show Answer Correct Answer: B [ Brain ] Notes: Brain is the most sensitive part in human body with respect to lead poisoning. 2. Which of the following is […]