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Current Affairs Quiz: November 24, 25, 2013

1. Which among the following is the largest steel producing company of the world? [A]ArcelorMittal [B]Nippon Steel [C]Hebei Group [D]Baosteel Group ArcelorMittal Options A, B, C and D are largest steel producers of the world ..

Current Affairs : November 22, 23, 2013

1. The Dhanush missile is a naval variant of India’s indigenously developed ___missile? [A]Akash [B]Trishul [C]Agni [D]Prithvi Prithvi Dhanush is a variant of the surface-to-surface Prithvi II missile, which has been developed for the Indian ..

Current Affairs: November 20, 21, 2013

1. The United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) has recently issued a warning about the nitrous oxide, which is now biggest threat to the ozone layer. Which among the following is the biggest human activity, that ..

Current Affairs: November 18, 19, 2013

1. Who among the following will be awarded the “Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2013”? [A]Julian Gillard [B]Hilary Clinton [C]Angela Merkel [D]Sheikh Hasina Angela Merkel German Chancellor Angela Markel will be ..

Current Affairs: November 16, 17, 2013

1. The “Swarm Mission”, which aims to study the Earth’s magnetic field is proposed to be launched by? [A]NASA [B]European Space Agency [C]ISRO [D]Russian Space Agency European Space Agency Swarm is a European Space Agency ..