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GK & Current Affairs: August 30, 2013

1. The loan taken for purchase of essential electrical goods it is called? [A]Consumer durable loan [B]Proprietary loan [C]White goods loan [D]Consumption loan White goods loan Show Answer 2. Brigalia Bam who has recently received Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize is from__? [A]USA [B]South Korea [C]North Korea [D]South Africa South Africa Former chairperson of South Africa’s ..

GK & Current Affairs : August 29. 2013

1. As per the latest data, which state had largest number people living with HIV/AIDS in 2011? [A]Andhra Pradesh [B]Tamil Nadu [C]Karnataka [D]Maharastra Andhra Pradesh As per the HIV estimation 2012, the total estimated number of people living with HIV in 2011 in India was 2088642. With 4,19,180 people living with HIV/AIDS Andhra Pradesh tops ..

GK & Current Affairs : August 27, 28, 2013

1. Recently (August,2013), which one of the following country become the first in the world to release “Zinc rich Rice variety” named Bri-62? [A]Bangladesh [B]India [C]China [D]Russia Bangladesh Bangladesh released world’s first zinc-enriched rice variety “Bri-62” capable fighting diarrhoea and pneumonia-induced childhood deaths and stunted growth. It is not a genetically modified (GM) type. This ..

GK & Current Affairs : August 25, 26, 2013

1. The following sport personalities who have been chosen for Dronacharya Award 2013: 1. Poornima Mahato 2. Mahavir Singh 3. Narinder Singh Saini 4. Raj Singh From which of the following disciplines they have been chosen for award respectively: [A]Archery, Boxing, Hockey, Wrestling [B]Boxing, Archery, Hockey, Wrestling [C]Wrestling, Hockey, Archery, Boxing [D]Archery, Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 24, 2013

1. World’s largest solar park is coming up in which one of the following states? [A]Maharastra [B]Gujarat [C]Rajasthan [D]Tamil Nadu Rajasthan State government of Rajasthan laid the foundation stone for the world’s biggest solar park at Bhandla of Jodhpur district. The solar park with generation capacity of 3000WM would be commissioned in phased manner. In ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 23, 2013

1. Which one of the following films has bagged best film award at “Amsterdam Film Festival”? [A]Policegiri [B]Burfi [C]The Lunchbox [D]3 Idiots The Lunchbox The audience at the World Cinema Amsterdam Film Festival chose Indian director Ritesh Batra’s “The Lunchbox” as the best film of the 2013 edition. Co produced by Anurag Kashyap and Guneet ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 22, 2013

1. Who among the following benefit in the short term by the steep depreciation in Rupee? 1. Small traders at tech hubs 2. Exporters 3. Importers 4. Indian Tourists who visit USA Choose the correct option from the codes given below: [A]Only 1 & 2 [B]Only 2 & 4 [C]Only 2 [D]Only 1 & 3 ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 21, 2013

1. Ryder Cup and Curtis Cup are associated with which of the following sports? [A]Soccer [B]Volleyball [C]Golf [D]Tennis Golf Ryder Cup and Curtis Cup are associated with Golf. Show Answer 2. Sindhurakshak, which was recently in news, is a/an ____? [A]Aircraft carrier [B]Submarine [C]Anti-aircraft gun [D]Multi-purpose fighter Submarine INS Sindhurakshak is a submarine of the ..