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GK & Current Affairs: August 30, 2013

1. The loan taken for purchase of essential electrical goods it is called? [A]Consumer durable loan [B]Proprietary loan [C]White goods loan [D]Consumption loan White goods loan Show Answer 2. Brigalia Bam who has recently received ..

GK & Current Affairs : August 29. 2013

1. As per the latest data, which state had largest number people living with HIV/AIDS in 2011? [A]Andhra Pradesh [B]Tamil Nadu [C]Karnataka [D]Maharastra Andhra Pradesh As per the HIV estimation 2012, the total estimated number ..

GK & Current Affairs : August 27, 28, 2013

1. Recently (August,2013), which one of the following country become the first in the world to release “Zinc rich Rice variety” named Bri-62? [A]Bangladesh [B]India [C]China [D]Russia Bangladesh Bangladesh released world’s first zinc-enriched rice variety ..

GK & Current Affairs : August 25, 26, 2013

1. The following sport personalities who have been chosen for Dronacharya Award 2013: 1. Poornima Mahato 2. Mahavir Singh 3. Narinder Singh Saini 4. Raj Singh From which of the following disciplines they have been ..

GK & Current Affairs: August 24, 2013

1. World’s largest solar park is coming up in which one of the following states? [A]Maharastra [B]Gujarat [C]Rajasthan [D]Tamil Nadu Rajasthan State government of Rajasthan laid the foundation stone for the world’s biggest solar park ..