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Quiz 590: GK Questions of Indian Economy for Civil Services & RBI Management Grade Exams

12345678910 1). Which among the following is the correct description of Nagara , Dravida and Vesara? The three main racial groups Three Linguistic Divisions Three main styles of Indian temple architecture Musical Gharanas 2). In ..

Quiz 589: GK Questions for Bank PO Exams

12345678910 1). Which among the following is NOT correctly matched: Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) : New Delhi MECON Ltd. : Ranchi Hindustan Steel Works Construction Ltd (HSCL) : Kolkata Ferro Scrap Nigam Ltd.(FSNL) ..

Quiz 588: Indian History for Civil Services Examination

12345678910 1). The Indus Valley Civilization has not been deciphered yet. Consider the following reasons: No knowledge about their language Small length of inscriptions Absence of bilingual texts Which among the above is/ are correct ..

Quiz 587: GK Questions January for Bank PO and Bank Clerical Exams

12345678910 1). As a part of financial sector reforms, the Reserve Bank has deregulated interest rates on which of the following? All Bank deposits All Bank deposits, other than savings bank deposits All Bank deposits, ..