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Quiz 590: GK of Indian Economy for Civil Services & RBI Management Grade Exams

1. In context with Banking in India, what is the difference between liquidity adjustment facility-repo rate and marginal standing facility rate ? 1. Under Repo rate banks can borrow above SLR Requirements, under MSF, Banks can borrow within SLR requirements 2. Under Repo, banks can borrow up to 5% of net demand and time liabilities, […]

Quiz 589: Current Affairs 2012 for Bank PO Exams

1. Consider the following: 1. Post Offices 2. Commercial Banks 3. Cooperative Banks Which among the above can accept both time and demand deposits from public in India? [A]Only 2 [B]Only 1 & 2 [C]Only 2 & 3 [D]1, 2 & 3 2. Interests payable on savings bank accounts in India is ___ [A]Not regulated […]

Quiz 588: Indian History for Civil Services Examination

1. The Indus Valley Civilization has not been deciphered yet. Consider the following reasons: 1. No knowledge about their language 2. Small length of inscriptions 3. Absence of bilingual texts Which among the above is/ are correct reasons? [A]Only 1 [B]1 & 2 [C]1 & 3 [D]1, 2 & 3 Explanation 2. A system known […]

Quiz 587: Current Affairs January 2012 for Bank PO and Bank Clerical Exams

1. Recently Iran has threatened to close which among the following important sea channels? [A]Duncan Passage [B]Persian Gulf [C]Gulf of Oman [D]Strait of Hormuz 2. “Right to service” is an important part of which among the following bills / act? [A]Lokpal & Lokayukta Bill [B]Citizen’s Charter and Grievance Redressal Bill [C]Right to Information Act [D]None […]