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Quiz 580: GK Questions for All Exams

1. Consider the following statements:  Price Stabilization Fund Scheme was launched for Coffee, Tea, Rubber and Tobacco growers in the country  In this scheme Government procures the commodities when the prices fell below a certain level to support the growers  Which among the above statements is/ are correct ? [A] Only 1 is correct[B] Only ..

Quiz 579: General Studies for State Civil Services Examinations

1. Consider the following products: Nakshi Kantha E. I. Leather Sujini Embroidery Work Ilkal Sarees Aranmula Kannadi Which among the following is the correct set of the states producing the above products respectively? [A] West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala[B] Bihar, Tamil nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala[C] West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Karnataka, ..

Quiz 578: General Studies for Civil Services Examinations

1. Bring out the only statement, which is not fully correct: [A] An increase in the supply of money will always result in inflation[B] Inflation occurs when the value of money declines[C] Cost inflation occurs when prices rise to cover increased factor costs[D] Inflation will have the effect of redistributing incomes within a country Show ..

Quiz 577: GK Questions for IBPS Examination

1. The International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed on: [A] 20th February [B] 21st February [C] 20th March[D] 21st March Show Answer Correct Answer: D [ 21st March] 2. Who committed the most daring murder of Sir Curzen Wyllie in 1907 in a public meeting in London? [A] B.N. Dutta[B] M.L. Dhingra ..

Quiz 576: General Studies for UPSC Examinations

1. New Horizons’ spacecraft was launched by NASA to study which of the following planet? [A] Mars[B] Pluto[C] Jupiter[D] Mercury Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Pluto] 2. Consider the following: Access Infrastructure Teachers Outcome Which among the above are used by the National University for Educational Planning & Administration for development of Educational Development Index? ..

Quiz 575: General Awareness Questions for IBPS

1. Penganga is a tributary of which of the following rivers in India? [A] Kaveri[B] Godavari[C] Krishna[D] Narmada Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Godavari] 2. Which among the following river is most described in Rig-Veda? [A] Sindhu[B] Chenab[C] Saraswati[D] Ganga Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Sindhu] 3. Consider the following statements:  Dual System of Government ..

Quiz 574: Current General Awareness Questions for All Examinations

1. If a bank launched a “CASA campaign” , which among the following would be the most probable objective of such campaign? [A] To bring down Non-performing Assets (NPA)[B] To develop better customer relations[C] To bring in more new customers[D] To provide no frill services Show Answer Correct Answer: C [To bring in more new ..