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Quiz 573: GK Questions for Karnataka SSC Exams

1. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) located in Mumbai is funded by which of the following? [A] Ministry of Earth Sciences[B] Ministry of Urban Development and Planning[C] Ministry of Commerce[D] Reserve Bank of India Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Reserve Bank of India] 2. Note Printing Press that belongs to RBI is located ..

Quiz 572: GK Questions for Bihar SSC Exams

1. An ordinary bill is generally circulated / put on website for purpose of eliciting the public opinion on it during which of the following stages? [A] Before First reading[B] After First Reading but Before Second Reading[C] After Second Reading but before Third reading[D] After Third reading Show Answer Correct Answer: B [After First Reading ..

Quiz 571: GK Questions for UPSC Civil Services Examination

1. Russell Tribunal is related to which among the following? [A] International Intellectual property issues[B] War Crime[C] Crimes against women[D] Organized International Crime Show Answer Correct Answer: B [War Crime] 2. Consider the following: Preamble Fundamental Rights Fundamental Duties Directive Principles of State Policy The principle of gender equality is enshrined in which among the ..

Quiz 570: GK Questions for IBPS Clerical Examination

1. A person can be appointed as Attorney General of India, provided he / she is qualified to be appointed as which among the following? [A] Chief Justice of Supreme Court[B] Chief Justice of High Court[C] Judge of Supreme Court[D] Judge of High Court Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Judge of Supreme Court] 2. Consider ..

Quiz 569: General Studies for State (RPSC/BPSC/TNPSC/UPPCS) exams

1. Which among the following does not come under Corporate Governance ? [A] Management of rights of shareholders[B] Trusteeship[C] Ethical Business Conduct[D] Profits Maximization Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Profits Maximization] 2. Which among the following minerals is also known as Horn Silver? [A] Silver Iodide[B] Silver Chroride[C] Zinc Phosphate[D] Silver Sulphide Show Answer Correct ..

Quiz 568: GK Questions for Banking and SSC Exams

1. Consider the following: Public Sector Undertakings Private Sector Companies Ministries and Departments Which among the above are eligible for Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Awards for outstanding achievements in the implementation of Hindi? [A] 1 & 3[B] 1 & 2[C] 2 & 3[D] 1, 2 & 3 Show Answer Correct Answer: A [1 & 3] 2. ..

Quiz 567: General Knowledge Questions

1. Consider the following: Rhizobium Azotobacter Mycorrhiza Which among the above can be used as organic and bio fertilizers? [A] Only 1[B] 1 & 2[C] 1, 2 & 3[D] Only 1 & 3 Show Answer Correct Answer: C [1, 2 & 3] Notes:There are five biofertilizers viz. Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria and mycorrhiza ..

Quiz 566: Latest General Awareness Questions

1. How many number of Red Balls are in Snooker?  [A] 13[B] 15[C] 17[D] 20 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [15] 2. If there is an increase in the external commercial borrowings in India. What will be the impact on the external debt of the country [A] Increase[B] Decrease[C] Remain unaffected[D] Either increase or decrease Show ..