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Logical Reasoning : Quiz 1 For Banking Examinations

1.In a certain code BOLERO is written as PSFMPC. How BOMAN will be written in the same code?(A)OBNMC(B)OBNPC(C)PCNBO(D)PONBC(E)OBNCP Solution The coding has been done as follows: 2.In a certain code COMPUTER is written as 34897652. Which among the following has not been correctly written in the same code language?(A)COMMUTER – 34887652(B)PEETER – 955652(C)MOTER – 84652(D)REPUTE ..

Quiz 397: Geography for Public Service Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following is the correct location of Earth’s magnetosphere? Near the centre of Earth Below Ionosphere Beyond Ionosphere Within 12-16 kms of Earth’s surface 2). Oxygen-18 has been frequently used in Palaeoclimatology to measure / estimate climate changes in the history of Earth. Consider the following statements in this context:  It ..

Quiz 396: General Awareness Questions for All Exams

12345678910 1). In which part of the world one can not see Judicial corporal punishment ? Central Asia Africa North America Middle East 2). The 1993 Paris Principles of United states are related to which of the following? Human Rights Environment protection Education Rights of Children International Law 3). Which of the following dances of ..

Quiz 395: Basic General Knowledge Questions For All Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following is the only internal human organ which can regenerate? Pancreas Kidney Liver Spleen 2). How many digits of Pincode in India are assigned to the Individual Post Offices? last 1 digit last 2 digits last 3 digits last 4 digits 3). Which of the following state government confers National ..

Current Affairs : June 4, 2010

International Centre for Automotive Technology : New Campus at ManesarOn June 4, 2010, India’s Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises liad the foundation stone of a new campus of iCAT at Manesar, Near Gurgaon, Haryana Read HereGreen Hiker campaign and Responsible TourismGreen Hiker campaign is the name of a new compaign by World ..