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Quiz 352: General Studies for All Examinations

12345678910 1). Which amendment of the Indian Constitution has abolished the nomination of Anglo-Indians to the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies? 101th Amendment Act 102nd Amendment Act 103rd Amendment Act 104th Amendment Act 2). On which of the following the weight of a person will be minimum ? Venus Mars Moon Mercury 3). Which among ..


Quiz 351: Finance, Business & Economy Current Affairs for Bank PO , Civil Services , State Services and all other examinations

12345678910 1). Hemis festival is dedicated to Lord Padmasambhava (Gur Rimpoche) venerated as the representative reincarnate of Buddha. In which part of India it is held every year? Himachal Pradesh Assam Ladakh Orissa 2). With which of the following sports “Agakhan trophy” is related to? Field Hockey Horse Racing Table Tennis Show Jumping 3). In ..


Quiz 350: General Awareness for State Public Services Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following is also called as ‘Fenny capital’ of Goa. ? Bardez Sattari Ponda Mapusa 2). Who among the following was the Premier of Madras Presidency at the time of India’s Independence? P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja O. P. Ramaswamy Reddiyar Tanguturi Prakasam Kala Venkata Rao 3). As per some etymologists, the ..


Vocabulary Practice Quiz 21

Each of the following 10 words is followed by 5 options. You have to choose the option, which represents the nearest meaning of the word given in the question. Each word is linked to a dedicated page giving you the meaning, etymology, synonyms, antonyms and usage example. 1.Esoteric(A)broad(B)meaningful(C)Clever(D)arcane(E)champion 2.Foment(A)renounce(B)accept(C)instigate(D)subsume(E)consume 3.Ingrate(A)Brave(B)heavy(C)Ungrateful(D)Clever(E)Stunning 4.Nefarious(A)simple(B)sincere(C)wicked(D)creative(E)bold 5.Ossify(A)run(B)swing(C)sway(D)harden(E)vow 6.Paradigm(A)dream(B)revenge(C)fantasy(D)class(E)common 7.Pulchritude(A)concept(B)fame(C)beauty(D)style(E)color 8.Rescind(A)provoke(B)announce(C)renounce(D)annul(E)weaken ..



Quiz 349: General Awareness for Banking Exams

12345678910 1). In context with the 4 concepts of Money supply in India (i.e. M1, M2, M3 and M4) used by Reserve Bank of India, which among the following are the most relevant ? M1 & M2 M2 & M4 M1 & M4 M1 & M3 2). Deposit Insurance is a limited level of protection provided by ..