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Mega Quiz July-2009 (First) Based Upon Current Affairs

1.”MARG Swarnabhoomi” is a mega infrastructure project with world class telecommunication facilities. Recently MARG Limited (integrated infrastructure company) signed an MOU with which of the following India’s telecommunication giants for this project ?(A)Tata Indicom(B)BSNL(C)Bharti Airtel 2.Who is the winner of the Asian Continental Chess Championship held in the Philippines recently?(A)Vishvanathan Anand(B)Surya Shekhar Ganguly(C)Krishnan Sasikiran 3.Koneru ..

Quiz 145 : World Geography

1. Sun shines exactly over equator for how many times a year? [A] Once in a year[B] twice in a year[C] four times a year[D] 12 times in a year Show Answer Correct Answer: B [twice in a year] 2. We often read about third world in newspapers. Which among the following best describes third ..

Quiz 144 : Indian History-Medieval India

1. Humayun Nama was written by which of the following authors? [A] Humayun[B] Khwand Amir[C] Gulbadan Beghum[D] Abu Faza; Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Gulbadan Beghum] 2. In the council of 8 Ministers of Shivaji which was called as Ashtapradhan , who was known as chief Minister and was responsible for General Administration? [A] Peshwa[B] ..

Quiz 143 : Indian Polity & Constitution

1. Article 36-51 of our constitution are related to which of the following [A] Fundamental Rights[B] DPSP[C] Fundamental duities[D] Union Executive Show Answer Correct Answer: B [DPSP] 2. Which among the following is true about tenure of India’s President? [A] Elected for 5 years but eligible for immediate re election and can serve for two ..

Quiz 142 : General Science : Some Human Diseases

1. When the body’s immune system cells destroy the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas is termed as ________? [A] Type 1 diabetes[B] Type 2 diabetes[C] hybrid diabetes[D] none of the above Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Type 1 diabetes] 2. A person develops resistance to the action of insulin in the body’s cells ..

Quiz 141 : Indian Economy

1.India has an extensive road network of 3.3 million kms . What is India’s rank in the world in Road Network ?(A)First(B)Second(C)Third 2.Which is the highest body that approves a Five year Plan?(A)Ministry of Finance(B)Lok Sabha(C)National Development Council 3.Under which five year plan, did the agriculture of India register a negative growth?(A)Third Plan(B)Fifth Plan(C)Second Plan ..

Quiz 140 : Business & Economy Current Affairs

1. Which five year plan of India is called “Industry and Transport” plan? [A] 1st[B] 2nd[C] 3rd[D] 4th Show Answer Correct Answer: B [2nd] 2. Which among the following is /are characters of Dual Economy ? [A] Existence of Agriculture and Industry[B] Existence of commercial agriculture with subsistence farming[C] modern industry and commercial agriculture with ..

Quiz 139 : World Geography

1. Which line marks the boundary of the zone where the Sun never sets during June solstice and never rises during December Solstice? [A] Antarctic Circle[B] Arctic Circle[C] Tropic of Cancer[D] Tropic of Capricorn Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Arctic Circle] 2. Haematite & Magnetite are ______? [A] Iron Ores[B] Copper Ores[C] Manganese Ores[D] Zinc ..