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Quiz 86: Indian Polity & Constitution

1. Consider the following: Central Government State Governments Which among the above can levy the taxes on agricultural revenues? Only 1 Only 2 Both 1 & 2 Neither 1 nor 2 2. If President and Vice President, both are unavailable, who among the following would discharge the functions? Prime Minister Lok Sabha Speaker Chief Justice ..


Quiz 85 : Geography Questions for Civil Services Examinations

1. Where on the earth is located the Sirohi Point? North Pole Indian Ocean Caribbean Sea Antarctica 2. Which of the following rivers of India originate in Tibet?  Sutlej River Indus River Ghaghara River Select the correct option from the codes given below: 1 & 2 2 & 3 1 & 3 1,2 &3 3. ..


Quiz 84: Indian History General Studies

1. As per Vedic rituals, which among the following is the divine messenger who receives the prayers and conveys them to the heavenly spheres? Agni Soma Varuna Indra 2. As per the Hindu Philosophy, what is the number of articles under the restraints and practices (Yamas and Niyamas)? 5 15 20 36 3. Who among ..


Quiz 83 : Current Affairs (Miscellaneous)

1. Large deposits of natural uranium, which promises to be one of the top 20 of the world’s reserves, have been found in the Tummalapalle belt in which among the following states of India? Kerala Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Odisha 2. Which among the following is the site of Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) in ..


Mega Quiz May 2009 (Second)

some notes related to this Quiz 1.RBI has recently released its Annual Policy Statement for 2009-10, vide its Notification dated April 21, 2009. It has retained the bank rate at 6 per cent. The repo rate and the reverse repo rate under the liquidity adjustment facility or LAF have been brought down by 0.25 per ..

Mega Quiz May-First 2009 : Based Upon Current Affairs

    1 . Which committee among following has been constituted by Supreme Court to curb the menace of Ragging? A. Yashpal Committee B. Raghuvansh Panel C. Raghavan Committee 2 . When was The Hindu marriage Act enacted by the parliament? A. 1956 B. 1955 C. 1965 3 . Where is located the SEZ Rajiv ..