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Sunday Quiz : Current Affairs March 2009

1 . The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) started way back in 1795 under British. What was the original name? 2 . Profiles in courage” who has written this book? 3 . The UN sponsored theme for this year’s International Women’s day was—–? 4 . Colony Collapse Disorder was recently in news. What is it related to? ..

Sunday Quiz on Current Affairs

    Q- Recently which organization found new bacteria in stratosphere? Q- Who is the chief minister of Meghalaya who survived floor test recently? Q- President Barack Obama’s administration has cleared a sale to India of eight Boeing Co P-8I maritime patrol aircraft. What is the amount of this deal? Q- State-run Bank of India ..

Quiz 77: GK for Banking Exams

1. ASHA is a government of India Scheme related to which among the following Flagship Programmes? [A] Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme[B] National Rural Health Mission[C] Integrated Child Development Services Scheme[D] Bharat Nirman Show Answer Correct Answer: B [National Rural Health Mission] Notes:ASHA or Accredited Social Health Activist is a trained female community ..

Quiz 76: Indian Polity & Constitution for All Exams

1. Which of the following courts you can approach to file a writ petition to protect your fundamental rights? Supreme Court High Courts Districts Courts Session Courts Select the correct option from the codes given below: [A] 1[B] 1,2[C] 1,2,3[D] 1,2,3,4 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [1,2] Notes:Anything that is issued under an authority is ..

Quiz 75 : Indian Economy Questions for All Examinations

1. In which among the following years, a new “Liberalized Industrial Policy” in India was announced for the first time? [A] 1986[B] 1991[C] 1992[D] 1993 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [1991] 2. In which among the following years, the MRTP act became effective? [A] 1970[B] 1972[C] 1975[D] 1978 Show Answer Correct Answer: A [1970] Notes:On ..

Quiz 74: General Knowledge of India for All Examinations

1. Bhandi was a chief secretary of which among the following Indian Kings? [A] Samudragupta[B] Chandragupta Vikramaditya[C] Harshavardhan[D] Skandgupta Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Harshavardhan] Notes:Bhandi was a leading noble of Kannauj and on advice of the political leaders of Kannauj; he offered the crown of Kannauj to Harsha after death of Grahavarmana. Bhandi was ..

Quiz 73: Indian History Basic Questions

1. which among the following Muslim writers has written the famous Hindi work “Padmavat”? [A] Malik Muhammad Jayasi[B] Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana[C] Amir Khusro[D] Bulleh Shah Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Malik Muhammad Jayasi] Notes:Padmavat of Malik Muhammad Jayasi is a poem about the beauty and Jauhar of Padmani. 2. Which among the following travelers has recorded ..

Quiz 72: General Knowledge for Banking and SSC Examinations

1. Mars appears red because of presence of the following compounds on its surface? [A] Copper Oxide[B] Iron Oxide[C] Copper Sulphide[D] Magnesium Oxide Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Iron Oxide] Notes:Mars is known as the red planet because it looks red from Earth. The reddish color comes from the high concentration of iron oxide compounds—that is, ..