19th IORA ministerial meet held at Abu Dhabi, UAE

The 19th Indian Ocean Rim Association COM (Council of Ministers) meeting was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on November 7, 2019. Minsters from 22 countries attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by UAE. The Chairmanship passes from Republic of South Africa that held the chair between the period 2017-19. For the period of 2019-2021, UAE will hold the chairmanship assisted by Bangladesh.


  • The meeting was preceded by 21st Committee of Senior Officials (CSO). The CSO is being held twice a year.
  • Theme: Promoting a shared destiny and path to prosperity in Indian ocean
  • The meeting focused on growth, sustained development and economic cooperation in the IORA region


  • The IORA is a broad platform that connects the world’s most dynamic regions of south, west and south east Asia, Africa and Oceania through seas.
  • India is the largest contributor to IORA Special Fund. Recently India contributed 1 million USD to the fund. India also shares expertise to strengthen the association
  • India hosted the first Indian Ocea Dialogue in 2015. It was held at Kochi and the Kochi Consensus was released. It focused on maritime security challenges, information sharing, cooperation in disaster relief and economic cooperation.


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