100th birth anniversary of I K Gujral

December 4th, 2019 marks the 100th birth anniversary of Inder Kumar Gujral. I K Gujral was the 12th Prime Minister of India. He became the prime Minister in 1997. He was born in Jhelum in 1919. He hailed from a family of freedom fighters and is also noted for his participation in national movement- especially during the Quit India Movement. During his political career, he was a part of the Indian national congress and later with the Janata Dal. He had served in various roles like ambassador to the USSR, minister of information and broadcasting, external affairs minister, etc. His role in the evacuation of about 2 lakh Indians during the Kuwait Crisis is well known. He is noted for the Gujral Doctrine formulated during his time as the external affairs minister. The 5 Gujral Doctrines concern the conduct of India in maintaining foreign relations

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