Fundamental Rights

Right to Health in the Constitution of India

October 6, 2016

Right to Health is not included as an explicit fundamental right in the Indian Constitution. Most provisions related to health are in Part-IV {Directive Principles}. These are: Article 38 says that the state will secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people. Providing...

Right to Privacy as Fundamental Right

November 13, 2015

Right to privacy was earlier recognized as “implicit” in the right to life and liberty – guaranteed by Article 21 of the constitution. However, implicit rights have been subject to judicial scrutiny time and again. As per current judicial pronouncements, the right to privacy is a fundamental...

National security versus Free Speech

September 13, 2015

Union government has often resorted to blocking of websites to stop the growth of jihadist propaganda by anti-national groups. The crackdown has failed to boost the confidence of citizens in the government machinery. This is basically because of poorly regulated internet which is backed by a deficient...

Various Issues related to Right to Privacy

August 22, 2015

This article discusses on History of right to privacy, Right to Privacy as Fundamental Right, Right to Privacy and Aadhaar Card Issue, Digital India vis-a-vis Right to Privacy, DNA Profiling Bill vis-a-vis Right to Privacy, Privacy Concerns Right to Privacy and Media Trial, and Right to Privacy...