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Navratnas of Akbar (9 Gems)

AkbarAkbar, the Great 1556-1605 The reign of Akbar for almost half a century is known as the Golden Period of the Mughal Empire. Akbar was the ..... was an ardent admirer of art and learning. His court was full of many scholars and talented artists. The Nine most learned men in his court were known as Navratnas.

Abul Fazal

Abul Fazl was the chronicler of Akbarnama in three volumes over seven years, the third volume is known as the Ain-i-Akbari.


FaiziWe have read that Akbar could not see the validity in the custom that the Hindus should pay more taxes than the Muslims. He also ..... was Abul Fazl's brother, the poet laureat of Akbar. The name of father of Abul FazalThe real name of Abu'l-Fazl, Abu'l Fadl and Abu'l-Fadl 'Allami was Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak. This gentle and enthusiastic younger brother of Faizi later became a ..... and Faizi was Mubarak Nagori, a scholar in the philosophy and literature of Greece as well as in Islamic theology.

Miyan Tansen

Miyan TansenTansen (Ramtanu Pande/Mohammad Ata Ali Khan) was the legendary musician of Akbar's court. His early training was held in the music school of Raja Mansingh ..... was born as Tanna Mishra, in 1520. He was a disciple of Swami Haridas and later became disciple of Hazrat Muhammad Ghaus (Gwalior ). He was a court musician with the prince of Mewar and later was recruited by Akbar as his court musician.

Raja Birbal

Raja Birbal, a poor Hindu Brahmin Maheshdas was appointed to the court of Akbar for his intelligence, and became the court jester. The name Raja Birbal was given by the Emperor. Birbal's duties in Akbar's court were mostly military and administrative. He was also a poet and his collections under the pen name "Brahma" are preserved in Bharatpur Museum. Raja Birbal died in battle, in an attempt to subdue unrest amongst Afghani tribes in Northwest India.

Raja Todar Mal

Raja Todar MalRaja Todar Mal, a Khatri Rajput had served his youth under the administration of Sher Shah Suri and had gained priceless experience in management of ....., a Hindu Khatri was Akbar's finance minister, who from 1560 onwards overhauled the revenue system in the kingdom.

Raja Man Singh

Raja Man Singh, the prince of Amber was a trusted general in Akbar's army and was the grandson of Akbar's father-in-law Bharmal. Raja Man Singh was the foremost (7000 Mansabdari) and ablest among Akbar's military commanders and assisted Akbar in many fronts including holding off advancing Hakim (Akbar's half-brother) in Lahore. He was also the Mughal viceroy of Afghanistan, led campaigns in Bihar, Orissa, Deccan and was also the viceroy of Bengal.

Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana

Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana, son of Akbar's trusted general and tutor. Best known for his Hindi couplets

Fakir Aziao-Din

Fakir Aziao-Din was a sufi mystic, and an advisor.

Mullah Do Piaza

Mullah Do Piaza, an intelligence advisor to Akbar.

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