Constitution of India

March 10, 2013

The Constituent Assembly of India

A constituent assembly is a body of representatives which is composed for drafting a constitution. In our times, we have recently seen how Nepal’s constituent assembly has drafted its

March 10, 2013

Salient features of Indian Constitution

Most Exhaustive Constitution: Originally our constitution contained 395 articles divided in 22 parts and 8 schedules. The numbering still remains the same but as and when the constitution amended,

March 10, 2013

Preamble of Indian Constitution

A preamble is an introductory and explanatory statement in a document that explains the document’s purpose and underlying philosophy. The Preamble of our constitution reads as follows: WE, THE

March 10, 2013

Name and Territory of the Union

Article 1: Name and territory of the Union (1) India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. (2) The States and the territories thereof shall be as

March 10, 2013

Article 3 and Formation of New States

Article 3 of the Constitution reads as follows: Article 3: Formation of new States and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing States.-Parliament may by law- (a) form

March 10, 2013

The story of Berubari Union

We know that India and Pakistan boundary was fixed by Sir Radcliffe and the line was called Radcliffe Line. However, some disputes arose because of the erroneous depiction of

March 10, 2013

Article 4 of Constitution of India

4. (1) Any law referred to in article 2 or article 3 shall contain such provisions for the amendment of the First Schedule and the Fourth Schedule as may

March 10, 2013

PART II of Constitution of India (CITIZENSHIP)

Constitution Part II has the following articles: Article 5. Citizenship at the commencement of the Constitution. Article 6. Rights of citizenship of certain persons who have migrated to India

October 20, 2015

Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

A Non Resident Indian is an Indian Citizen, who stays abroad for employment / business or vacation. Various people that are counted as NRIs are as follows: An Indian

March 10, 2013

OCI, POI and OIC Card in India

Overseas Citizens of India As per the India’s Citizenship Act, a person cannot have a second country’s passport simultaneously with an Indian Passport. This is valid even in the