38 Model Questions on GS-I: Social Empowerment Communalism Regionalism Secularism for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. Comment on the decision to conduct surveys in madrasas by the UP government. What are the challenges faced by these institutions?
  2. Differentiate the relationship between religion and state in India and the world. How has Indian secularism impacted society?
  3. In view of the BCCI recently announcing a ‘pay equity policy’, discuss the challenges faced by women athletes and the possible ways to make professional sports more inclusive.
  4. Comment on the need to improve disabled people’s access to entertainment. How can this be achieved?
  5. In the light of the recent Supreme Court order against hate speech, discuss the challenges in fighting hate speech while preserving freedom of speech. What needs to be done?
  6. Examine the issues related to child sexual abuse in India. What initiatives India has taken to tackle the issue?