059 - Mobilization of Resources

How land banks can encourage land use efficiency and create economic growth? Discuss in light of increasing prominence of land banks in India. Also, examine the concerns associated with it.

Land banks refer to ready-to-use land parcels with pre-clearances & regulatory approvals. DIPAM (Department of Investment and Public Asset Management) recently finalized proposals for a land bank company to streamline land bank use. Benefits of Land Banks: Better land use efficiency: Unused government land can be brought to use. 50% of land in SEZs is ..


The skill India mission of the government of India faces a 3E challenge, Education, Employment & Employability. Discuss and suggest measures to overcome these challenges.

Indian population has the advantage of being one of the youngest in the world. The focus on skilling the young Indian population began with a structural policy change with the Skill India mission in 2016. 3E challenge: Education: With an approximately 75% literacy rate, which is heavily skewed against women; India still needs to work ..