50 Model Questions on GS-II: Important Aspects of Governance Transparency and Accountability Citizen Charters for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. Comment on the recent criticism of the Enforcement Directorate in India. What can be done to remove its shortcomings?
  2. Evaluate the case for implementing a co-regulatory model for social media content moderation.
  3. How has the faceless tax regime impacted direct taxes in India? What is the case for a similar system being implemented for GST?
  4. Examine how direct benefit transfers have changed the public service delivery in India.
  5. While the welfare initiatives are needed for empowerment of people, the freebies culture is detrimental and cultivates a patron-client syndrome. Examine in context of governance in India.
  6. Government of India in recent past has focussed on reforming the public grievance redressal mechanisms, however their effectiveness remains limited. Discuss.