11 Model Questions on GS-III: Effects of Liberalization On Indian Economy for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. What are the pros and cons of a strong Rupee? What can be done to strengthen the currency?
  2. Throw some light on the positive and negative impacts of globalization on developing countries like India.
  3. The new industrial policy, 1991 signalled a marked shift from the features of pre-1991 policies. Discuss.
  4. The Digital monopolies are often accused of posing a threat to the fundamental fabric of market competition. In this context examine the effectiveness of the regulatory Framework in India to deal with digital monopolies.
  5. It has been argued, that the time has come for India to usher in full liberalization of the capital account. Analyze.
  6. Liberalisation of the Indian economy since 1991 has led to excessive consumerism and over-production of ‘white goods’. Elucidate.