35 Model Questions on GS-II: E Governance Applications Models Successes Limitations Potential for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. What is facial recognition technology? How is it being used by the government? Examine the issues associated with it.
  2. Examine how direct benefit transfers have changed the public service delivery in India.
  3. Discuss the potential of artificial intelligence in improving the effectiveness of e-governance in India.
  4. Highlight the potential of recent technological advancements to usher into an era of good governance using the tool of e-governance.
  5. The true potential of e-governance cannot be realized by solely focusing on the technological aspect, rather it involves ushering reforms in governance itself. Discussing the statement, suggest what should be done to address the situation.
  6. Highlight the key components of SWAMITVA scheme and its intended benefits. Also, discuss the potential issues in its implementation.