37 Model Questions on GS-III: Disaster and Disaster Management for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. Climate change is affecting everyone on the planet, but the most severe crisis will be faced by the coastal areas. In this context, discuss the challenges faced by coastal cities due to climate change.
  2. In the light of risks posed by hazardous chemicals (HAZCHEM) in India, examine India’s preparedness in Chemical Disaster Management (CDM).
  3. The overflowing rivers and heavy rains are not the only reasons behind the issue of urban flooding; the problem is magnified due to the uninformed ways in which our cities are coping with urbanization. Elaborate. Also, mention the National Disaster Management Authority guidelines on urban floods.
  4. Critically discuss how ‘Barbell Strategy, Safety Nets & Agile Response’ helped the Government of India to deal with extreme uncertainty imposed by Covid-19 Pandemic.
  5. It’s not just the geographical conditions that have led to recurring floods in Eastern India. Discuss and also suggest measures to tackle this menace.
  6. Use of technology and tools like GIS and Remote Sensing in disaster management can help to mitigate and reduce the impact of disasters. Throw some light on their application.