39 Model Questions on GS-II: Developed Versus Developing Countries Indias Interests for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. Evaluate the Global North’s efforts to fulfill the annual $100 billion climate finance promise to the Global South. How far can private climate finance help here?
  2. In light of a group of 16 countries, led by Vanuatu, approaching the International Court of Justice to seek a clarification of state obligations with regards to climate action, comment on the significance of the initiatives being taken by this small Pacific island nation. What is the way ahead?
  3. One Earth, One Family, One Future” has been given as the theme of India’s upcoming G20 presidency. Comment on the significance and opportunities associated with it.
  4. In light of the upcoming COP27 in Egypt, examine the reasons behind countries failing to meet their targets and falling back to coal. What can be done to ensure a climate-friendly solution to the ongoing energy crisis?
  5. While global trade is estimated to decline. India is keeping its export numbers afloat by increasing trade with the global South. In this context, examine the rising importance of the global south in geopolitics and India’s response to it.
  6. In light of the recent slew of US sanctions targeting the Chinese semiconductor industry, comment on the trade war between USA and China. What are the implications for the global economy?