Evaluate the performance of Summit meeting of the Arab League held in March 2001?

The meeting of the Arab League was completed on 27 March, 2001. It discussed various matters among which Palestine, Israel and Iraq questions were the major issues. The host of the meeting Mr. Shah Abdullah II of Jordan favoured Palestinians and appealed members to help them against the atrocities by the Israeli forces.

The Russian President’s message was read which proposed to solve the problem of UN prohibitions by a “package” of suspending the bans and bringing Iraqi nuclear programme under International inspection, then finally end them.

All nations condemned Israeli forces’ occupation and atrocities over Palestine and appealed the international community to constitute a committee to investigate into the matter. Some nations like Tunisia, Syria proposed stricter actions against Israel.

A fund with one billion dollar amount was constituted to help the Palestine people. As a whole, apart from discussing their trade and political matters, the league pay a great attention to the Palestine and Iraq matters, supporting their cause.

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