UPSC Prelims Test Series – 2022

Welcome to UPSC Prelims Test Series – 2022 by GKToday. The Test Series for 2022 CSE Prelims examination comprises total 7500 questions in the form of 2500 questions on Current General Studies and 5000 questions on Static General Studies. The Series has started from May 10, 2021 and will end with UPSC Prelims Examination 2022. Once subscribed, the data of this course remains in your library for lifetime. However, you will need to subscribe again for similar test series for 2023 if we conduct such a test series in future.

Before subscribing, kindly note that this series has only Interactive Tests in the form of 10 questions tests and 100 questions tests. There are NO downloadable PDFs and no study material included it this test series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is history of GKToday’s Prelims Test Series?

GKToday has been conducting UPSC Prelims Test Series for a limited audience since 2011. From 2011 till 2019, the prelims test series used to be part of GKToday’s One Year Target programmes conducted as PDF documents and delivered through website. Target Programmes were discontinued in 2019. The Test Series for 2020-2021 was conducted on GKToday’s website ( and was later imported in this app, which anyone can access free of cost in the course archives of this app.

What is provided in Prelims Test Series – 2022?

This test series comprises 2500 questions on Current General Studies and 5000 questions on Static General Studies.

Current General Studies

The 2500 questions on Current General Studies are newly framed questions on terms and topics in news / articles published in media. Despite being current in nature, most of questions somewhere link to general studies on these topics and sometimes appear to be static.

For example, this article will inspire us to frame questions on geographical features such as islands, archipelagos of pacific ocean rather than dragging you into unnecessary geopolitics. GKToday’s questions are laconic (asking you in minimum possible words); clear but difficult to solve and generally trap even the most brilliant upsc aspirants into misreading.

The 2500 questions are framed and uploaded as we go ahead in time. These tests you can take in two modes viz. Daily Test (10 Questions) and Full Tests (100 Questions).

  • Daily Test (10 Questions): The daily tests are framed and updated in the course as frequently as possible. Generally, we post 5 tests a week (Monday to Friday) thus making a 50 questions count every week. These Tests are titled from 2022-Test-01 to 2022-Test-250. The questions in these tests are framed keeping UPSC Pattern as well as student psychology (guesswork, elimination method etc.) in mind. These tests have no time limit and can be taken for as many times as you wish to take. Scoring 10+ in a 20 Marks test is a good score and you should practice multiple times to ensure 20/20 marks.
  • Full Tests (100 Questions): Every 10 daily tests are combined to create a 100 questions full test in every 4th week or so. This means that 2022-Full Test-01 is a combined test of questions from 2022-Daily Test-01 to 2022-Daily Test-10. The basic objective is to provide a timed (120 minutes) test to be done after every 10 tests for not only revision but also perfect retaining of complex facts in these questions.  Since it is expected that students have already seen and solved these questions in daily tests; a score of 200/200 is a must target to be achieved in first attempt in a full test. Kindly note this as an important point. However again, there is no limit on how many times you wish to attempt these tests.
Static General Studies

This test series includes an archive of 5000 best questions framed by GKToday during its previous test series and provides all of them in the form of 50 full length (100 questions) tests immediately on subscribing. These include ancient indian history (400 questions), medieval indian history (300 questions), modern indian history (400 questions), indian polity (600 questions), Indian art & culture (600 questions), world geography (600 questions), Indian Geography (400 questions), General Economy  (400 questions), Basic Physics (200 questions), Basic Chemistry (300 questions), General Biology (500 questions) and Environment (500 questions). You may practice these questions for as many times as possible. We shall be adding more static tests in these archives for this year as well as next years.

What is the validity of this course?

The validity is lifetime, which means that it will remain in your library as long as this app exists on play store. However, we shall stop updating daily tests 15 days prior to UPSC Prelims Examination-2022. If we start a new Test series for 2023, you may need to re-subscribe that again.

The Test Series has started few months back, will I be able to access the old tests now?

Yes. Subscription unlocks all previous tests and keeps them unlocked forever (in case of Rs. 2200 subscription).

I want to take these tests in pen paper mode, what is the way to do it?

This app does not provide any downloadable things such as printable PDFs etc.

Can I get a sample mock test?

Kindly go to store of this app and add 2019, 2020 and 2021 Test Series in your library free of cost and check questions quality and quiz taking pattern. Same is followed in the 2022 test series.

Will there be any video solutions?

No. The courses in app have no videos. We may however, discuss some questions on this test series on GKToday’s official YouTube channel. Such videos will be free of cost and won’t be part of app courses.

How to access the tests? 

After successful purchase, this course would be added to your courses in the Academy App.

Terms & Conditions

  • This course is accessible in this app only. It can not be accessed through laptop via webapp / chrome and it is not availble for iOS / iPhones also.
  • It will not comprise any PDF documents.
  • Cost includes 18% GST and is non-refundable.
  • All the questions, materials and instructions are in English Language ONLY.
Note: This Test Series is available in GKToday’s Academy Android Application only. Download it here.