GKToday's Full Length UPSC CSE (Prelims) Test Series - 2019

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Welcome to GKToday’s Free to Attempt Prelims Test Series - 2019. In this test series, we shall be uploading 35 Full length Tests for upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination-2019. The tests are open for all to attempt, and check score / rank on GKToday website. However, if you want to download the PDF Question Paper-cum-Solution Booklets, you need to purchase its PDF E-Book Package at Rs. 4400/- by clicking the button given below. Kindly note that the Tests will be uploaded as per the schedule given in the table.

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The archive of 2019 Prelims Test series is located here


The Preliminary Stage of UPSC Civil Services Examinations is comprised of two papers, of which your score in only Paper-I (General Studies) is counted for selection for mains examination. UPSC asks 100 questions in this paper of which around 35 questions are on topics of current nature.

In the 2019 Prelims Test Series, GKToday will put 3500 questions in the form of 35 Full Length Tests Papers imitating the pattern of UPSC Examination.

Salient Features

The key features of 2019 test series are as follows:

  • All Tests to be uploaded on Sundays; each test has 35 current affairs questions from previous sunday to saturday. 
  • Free to Attempt, Pay to Download Mode
  • All Full length tests, No sectional test
  • Composition: 65 static+35 current questions
Free to Attempt, Pay to Download Mode

For Test Series-2019, the online version of each paper will be free to attempt for all for around a week’s time or more. Anyone who is interested can simply register in GKToday and follow links given in Test Series Table above to attempt the test.  However, if you wish to download the 35 question paper-cum-solution booklets, you will need to purchase the PDF E-books package of 35 books for Rs. 4400/-. The PDF solutions of individual tests are also available for purchase or download here.

The downloaded PDF file has 100 questions, followed by solutions of these 100 questions. Each such document has 50-70 pages and is good for those who wish to attempt these questions in pen-paper mode. Most questions have explanations attached to them.

All Full length tests, No Sectional Test

All papers are based on full syllabus and current affairs of the week that passed before the test. For example, the Test that is uploaded on Sunday, 23 September, 2018 comprises around 35 questions from the week of 16 to 22, September, 2018.

These tests are most suitable for candidates who are well versed with the fundamentals and nuances of this examination. The beginners can also utilize them to clear their facts and fundamentals; and follow current affairs weekly in MCQ mode.

Composition: 65 Static+35 Current Questions

Each Test comprises of 100 questions with roughly following composition:

  • Indian Polity & Constitution – Around 15 questions
  • Indian History & Culture: Around 10 questions
  • India and World Geography: Around 15 questions, Full Syllabus
  • General Science: Around 10 Questions, Full Syllabus
  • Environment and Biodiversity: Around 10 Questions, Full Syllabus
  • Basic Concepts in Economy: Around 5 questions, Lexicons
  • Current Affairs & Economy – 2018-19: 35 Questions on current topics from previous week of the test.

Static questions will also include revised questions from previous year test series of GKToday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attempt the test for free?

Yes. All the tests will be uploaded as per given schedule. You may come to this website and attempt the test for free. If you wish to download solutions, you may consider purchasing the Test Series E-Book Pack .

Will This Test Series be Available on Android app?

No. These papers and questions are in website only.

Are these questions available in Hindi also?

No. All papers are in english only.

What if I find some error in tests and want to discuss answer of a question?

Tests are created by human beings and to err is human. You can leave comments on test page itself. Further, if some question needs change, the solution PDF automatically updates because PDFs are dynamically generated from GKToday server.

Will you provide any study material along with these tests?

No. The solutions of these tests are only study material which comes in the form of Test Series PDF package.

Will I get discount on current affairs and other modules etc. which I buy later?

Purchase of this test series E-Books package will enable a credit of 3,0000 points in your account redeemable for discount worth Rs. 1500/-. You may redeem these points as discounts to purchase future modules, mains test series or e-books from our website as per your need.

What is the Point System?

Any purchase made on gktoday credits some points to users accounts which can be used for discount in further purchases. 20 points are equal to Re. 1 discount. The test series earns you 30,000 points redeemable for a total discount of Rs. 1500 for future purchases. Thus, effectively, this test series comes to you at Rs. 2900 only. Points cannot be redeemed as cash or online refund.

Where Can I see my points?

This will be available in your account page.

Whom should I contact for further information?

You can send a mail to support[@]gktoday.in for any query you may have regarding this test series. If you are already a member, Kindly put “[Test Series Member]” in your subject line.

Terms and Conditions

  • This programme is open for individual students and aspirants only.
  • Unauthorized distribution of the content will lead to ban on user account without notice. No refund will be made.
  • This test series is just a supplement to your preparation and may not be a sole source of your preparation for any particular examination.
  • The entire schedule is tentative; and language of the tests is only English.
  • This programme does not provide you any guarantee regarding your success in any examination.
  • Any dispute arising shall be subject to Kotputli (Jaipur) Court only.
  • The terms & conditions are subject to change at any point of time.