Withdrawal from the European Union: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

European leaders offer 6-month extension to its Brexit departure

European leaders have offered Britain an extension till the end of October,  which is a 6 month delay to its Brexit departure. Mrs May welcomed the extension, which will be flexible to enable Britain to leave the EU on June 1 and avoid taking place in European Parliamentary elections on May 23, should an agreement ..

Brexit remains deadlocked

The alternates for the Brexit were put for voting on Monday. The lawmakers failed yet again to pass the alternatives of Brexit. Even the soft deal of Brexit was rejected. There were 4 options of alternate put for voting and all the four options were rejected. Following this the PM May has to brief the ..

Brexit creates power vacuum

The Paliament of Britain is deadlocked over Brrexit issue. A vacuum means the PM May has no leverage to compromise with the lawmakers as they took over the control of parliamentary agenda to debate on alternatives to her Brexit deal. In 2016, 52% voted in favour of Brexit when she proposed the deal against 48%. ..

UK Parliament rejects Brexit for the third time

For the third time, the Britain lawmakers rejected the exit of Britain from the European Union. With the deadline fast approaching, over 3 weeks left, the British government is unable to gain a majority over the issue. It is due to leave EU on April 12. The date was already postponed from March 22. There ..

Brexit: May is ready to quit

The house of Commons was unsuccessful to produce a majority for any of the 8 different Brexit proposals. The voting happened in the late night session. The closest votes were for the soft Brexit. The PM May said that she was prepared to resign before the next round of Brexit negotiation to convince the hardliners ..

UK lawmakers seize Brexit control

British lawmakers stalled Brexit process by setting up series of votes that could alter the course of UK’s departure from EU. The House of Commons voted to get a temporary control over the parliamentary time table. Usually it the government that controls the scheduling of the parliament. The only possible option right now is a ..

Irish and Scottish : Plotting to break with UK over Brexit

Irish and Scottish nationalists plot to break with the United Kingdom over the Brexit issue. Scottish nationals never wanted Brexit to happen since 2016. However, Irish fear that stability is coming to an end. Scottish accuse that the 2014 Independence referendum promised to guarantee place in the European Union. Scotland’s only border is with England. ..

Know About Brexit

The IMF Chief Christine Lagarde has warned that the British exit from the European Union (EU) or Brexit will ruin the country’s economy. She said this at the World Government Summit in Dubai on 10th February, 2019. What is Brexit? Brexit = Britain + Exit It is the idea of Britain leaving EU or the ..