South America

Which is the longest continental mountain ranges in the world?

Andes Mountains with a stretch of 4500 miles located in South America are known as longest continental mountain ranges in the world. Andes Mountains spans over 7 countries namely Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile. If mountain ranges in the Oceans are also included then Mid Atlantic Ridge forms the longest mountain Chain […]


ZIKA all set to start its Asian journey

ZIKA has made its imprints in Singapore with more than 400 cases being reported in the city and about 350 reported from Thailand out of which two of microcephaly stand confirmed.  Out of the 70 countries across the world where mosquito-borne virus has been detected 19 belong to Asia-Pacific region. The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and […]

Amazon Rubber Boom and Rubber Theft

Amazon Basin covers almost 40% of the South American continent and it is shared by eight countries viz. Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. Out of these, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru were the ONLY exporters of natural rubber before the Hevea plants were cultivated anywhere else in the world. For at […]