Rubber Industry

Problems of Plantation Sector in India

In September and October 2015, there were agitations and strikes by the plantation workers in Kerala.  In a major contrast, the agitations were initially led by women tea-leaf pickers under the collective name of ‘Pombilai Orumai’ in Munnar, Kerala. They challenged their own trade unions and simultaneously demanded a fair hike in their wages and […]


Government Schemes for Natural Rubber Industry in India

The government policy towards natural rubber can be divided into two parts viz. Support to traditional regions (Kerala & Tamil Nadu) and support to non-traditional regions (includes North East India and any other place beyond Kerala & TN). These are implemented by Rubber Board. Non-traditional region Financial assistance to Rubber Producers Societies (RPS) and Self […]

Problems of Natural Rubber Industry in India

In recent years, natural rubber production in India is facing sharp decline. Currently, India is world’s fifth largest natural rubber producer and fourth largest consumer behind China, the US and Japan. In 2012, however, India was on 4th rank after Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Before that India ranked third on the production table after Thailand […]

Amazon Rubber Boom and Rubber Theft

Amazon Basin covers almost 40% of the South American continent and it is shared by eight countries viz. Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela. Out of these, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru were the ONLY exporters of natural rubber before the Hevea plants were cultivated anywhere else in the world. For at […]