Red Planet

Ingenuity undertakes 8th flight on the Mars

NASA’s experimental Mars helicopter called Ingenuity undertook its 8th flight on Red Planet. Highlights Most recent flight was made by Ingenuity to Mars  was on June 21, 2021. During the flight, Ingenuity remained aloft for 77.4 seconds. It flew 525 ..


Curiosity rover spots colourful clouds on Mars

Curiosity Rover, developed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has captured images of “shining clouds” on Mars. This will help the scientists know more about MARS (or the Red Planet). Highlights Researchers are now studying clouds which arrived earlier ..


Why is Turkey’s Salda Lake called ‘Mars on Earth’?

The scientists are looking for the signs of ancient life on the Red Planet with the help of data gathered by the NASA’s rover Perseverance which is exploring the surface of Mars. Scientists find that the data collected on the ..


Microbes from Earth could survive on Mars- says a study

Recently, a study was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology that some microbes that are found on Earth might temporarily survive on the Mars. Highlights This study is significant for the success of future MARS missions. The endurance of ..


Jarosite: Rare Mineral Found in Antarctica

A rare maritime mineral, Jarosite, has been found in the Antarctica ice. It was discovered after drilling deep into Antarctic ice. What the discovery signifies? The recently discovered mineral was examined and it was found that it was formed in ..


Did high methane level indicate life on Mars?

The discovery of high amounts of methane in the air on Mars lead to excitement as it was seen as an indication of life on the Red Planet, or beneath its surface. But the follow-up trials by NASA reported that ..