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Robonaut 2

NASA’s humanoid robot "Robonaut 2" was delivered to the International Space Station in first half of 2011. The test involved sending power to all of Robonaut’s system. Robonauts are part of humanoid robotic development project conducted by the Dextrous Robotics Laboratory at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston. The latest in the series is ..


Researchers at Virgina Tech have created a hydrogen-powered robotic jellyfish labelled Robojelly. Robojelly could be used in underwater search and rescue operations. Robojelly is being fuelled by hydrogen, and that also means that it could never run out of energy. Robojelly has been constructed from Carbon nanotubes and some other smarter materials which give this ..


On 26 April 2012, India’s first indigenous all-weather radar imaging satellite (RISAT-1), whose images will facilitate agriculture and disaster management, was launched via PSLV-C19. Radar Satellite-1 (RISAT-1) is a state of the art Microwave Remote Sensing Satellite carrying a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Payload operating in C-band (5.35 GHz), which enables imaging of the surface ..

Rajat Gupta (Charges Against)

Rajat Gupta was the managing director (chief executive) of management consultancy McKinsey & Company from 1994 to 2003 and a business leader in India and the United States. He was arrested in late 2011 by the FBI on insider trading charges stemming from the Raj Rajaratnam Galleon Group case and is on criminal trial. The ..

Rapid 3D Mapping

Rapid 3D Mapping is a technology developed by the Swedish defence and security company Saab. The system generates three dimensional maps by image captures of the terrain from a manned aircraft, helicopter and/or UAV. Rapid 3D Mapping makes it possible to generate a three dimensional map within hours of the flight, the results depends on ..

RiSE (Robot)

RiSE is a robot that climbs vertical terrain such as walls, trees and fences, using feet with micro-claws to climb on textured surfaces. It changes posture to conform to the curvature of the climbing surface and its tail helps it balance on steep ascents. RiSE is 0.25 m long, weighs 2 kg, and travels 0.3 ..

Red Deer Cave people

Red Deer Cave people are the youngest known prehistoric population who do not look like modern humans. Fossils dated between 14,500 and 11,500 years old were found in Red Deer Cave and Longlin Cave in China. Having a mix of archaic and modern features, they are tentatively thought to be a separate species of humans ..