Social Awareness and Action to Neutralise Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) Campaign

Health and Medical Education Minister of Karnataka, K. Sudhakar launched the ‘Social Awareness and Action to Neutralise Pneumonia Successfully’ (SAANS) on 20th April 2022. SAANS is a campaign that has been launched to ensure early detection and greater awareness of ..



Flint Water Crisis

Nine former officials who served in the Michigan, US and the state’s former governor Rick Snyder were recently charged in connection with a criminal investigation into the Flint Water crisis. Flint Water Crisis The Flint Water Crisis is an ongoing ..


Pneumosil: India’s First Pneumonia Vaccine

The Serum Institute of India recently unveiled the first indigenously developed Pneumococcal Vaccine called Pneumosil. The vaccine was launched by the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. About the Vaccine Pneumosil was developed through collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ..


India’s First Indigenous Vaccine against Pneumonia

The first Indian vaccine against Pneumonia has been developed by Serum Institute of India. The vaccine is to be made available to the domestic makers soon. Highlights India has access to pneumonia vaccines. However, the new locally developed vaccine is ..


11th Annual Pneumonia and Diarrhoea Progress Report

On November 12, 2020, on the occasion of the World Pneumonia Day, the International Vaccines Access Centre released the 11th Annual Pneumonia and Diarrhoea Progress Report. According to the report, India has made significant progress in vaccination coverage to prevent ..


November 12: World Pneumonia Day

Every year, World Pneumonia Day is celebrated on November 12 by World Health Organization, UNICEF and several other international organizations. Key Highlights The first World Pneumonia Day was marked in 2019 by Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia. GAPP The Global ..