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World Philosophy Day 2019

Published: November 21, 2019

UNESCO (the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) introduced World Philosophy Day in 2002 and proclaimed that it would be celebrated every third Thursday of November every year. This year it?s been observed on 21st November. About the term ?Philosophy? Term Philosophy came from the Greek word ph?losoph?a, meaning ‘the love of wisdom’ is the ..



2019 General Studies Paper-2 : Questions

Published: September 21, 2019

Do you think Constitution of India does not accept principle of strict separation of powers rather it is based on the principle of ‘checks and balance’? Explain. [10 Marks] “The Central Administrative Tribunal which was established for redressal of grievances and complaints by or against central government employees nowadays is exercising its powers as an ..


Celebrating the spirit of education on the Teacher’s Day (5th September)

Published: September 5, 2019

In India, the 5th September is celebrated as the teacher’s day. This day, which is dedicated to the loving and caring spirit of the various teachers in our lives and acknowledging their contributions in molding our lives, is the occasion of the birth anniversary of the legendary Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. About Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Dr ..


Draft Education Policy Unveiled

Published: June 1, 2019

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has unveiled the draft education policy. Features of the Draft Policy A complete restructuring of higher education by reintroducing the four-year programme in Liberal Arts Science Education (LASE) with multiple exit options. Even the three-year traditional B.A., B.Sc., as well as B.Voc. degrees will continue as well for ..


Marcelo Gleiser wins Templeton Prize 2019

Published: March 25, 2019

Brazilian physicist and astronomer Marcelo Gleiser has been awarded the 2019 Templeton Prize for his work blending science and spirituality. Marcelo Gleiser contends that science and religion are not only compatible, but that science is spiritual. The two realms of science and spirituality are intertwined for him. For Marcelo Gleiser, science is one part of ..