World Pangolin Day: Data on Pangolin poaching in India

In 2023, World Pangolin Day is celebrated on February 18. Every year the day is celebrated on the third Saturday of February month. The main objective of the celebration is to create awareness about the Pangolin population decline. The population ..



Operation Thunder: INTERPOL, WCO and India Customs intercept 18 tonnes of Red Sandalwood

The INTERPOL and the World Customs Organization conducted Operation Thunder, 2020 in 103 countries. The operation was conducted against environmental crimes. About Operation Thunder The Operation Thunder was held between September 14, 2020 and October 11, 2020. It resulted in ..


Mutation and Pangolins main source of COVID-19

According to a research published in the journal “Pathogen”, virus jumped to humans from Pangolins. Also, mutation was the main reason for the virus to target human cells so easily and hence leads to fast spread of the virus. Highlights ..


Madhya Pradesh forest department radio-tagged Indian Pangolin

The Forest department of Madhya Pradesh has recently radio-tagged an Indian Pangolin for the first time, on the occasion of World Pangolin Day, February 15, 2020. It was tagged by the forest department and a non-profit agency the Wildlife Conservation ..

February 15: World Pangolin Day; GoI radio tagged Pangolins first time to learn their Ecology

Every year the third Saturday of February month is celebrated as World Pangolin Day. The ninth World Pangolin Day is being celebrated on February 15, 2020. The numbers of Pangolin is rapidly declining in Asia and Africa. This is mainly ..


Pangolin identified as the host of Corona Virus in China

On February 7, 2020, the most trafficked mammal of Asia, Pangolin was identified as the host of the virus by the researchers of China. According to them, the outbreak that killed around 636 people in China has started from a ..