Rwanda’s First mRNA Vaccine Production Facility: Important Facts

Rwanda has taken a significant step forward in its fight against infectious diseases by becoming the first African country to house a facility for manufacturing messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. The facility, spanning across 800 square meters of space, is capable ..



India’s first mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine

The Drugs Controller General of India (DGCI) gave nod for Phase-2 and Phase-3 trails of India’s first mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine. Highlights First mRNA-based covid-19 vaccine, called HGCO19, is being developed by a Pune-based biotechnology company, Genova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. The company ..


DNA Vaccines Effective in Hamsters

Researchers from Taiwan developed a vaccine using DNA of coronavirus spike protein and tested its efficacy on Mice and Hamsters. This technique is different than mRNA vaccines. Highlights DNA vaccines are usually hard to deliver into cells. But, researchers from ..


IIT Mandi reveals Key Protein Structure in Covid-19 Virus

Part of structure of a key protein in COVID-19 virus was revealed by researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi. How this study is significant? Covid-19 protein structure will help in understanding mode of action & its role in spread ..


Pfizer-BioNTech to provide 2 billion Covid-19 vaccine to Poor Nations

In a bid to fulfil the international calls for vaccine solidarity, American pharmaceutical company, Pfizer and German company, BioNTech have pledged to provide 2 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine to poor countries in middle-income and low-income countries in next 18 ..


WHO lists Moderna’s mRNA vaccine for emergency use

The World Health Organisation recently listed mRNA vaccine of Moderna for Emergency Use. This makes it the fifth vaccine to receive emergency use validation from WHO. Why is Emergency Use Approval important? The Emergency Use Listing of vaccines of the ..