Locust attack

Moroccan Locust Attack in Afghanistan

The recent outbreak of the Moroccan locust in Afghanistan has raised concerns about the country’s wheat production and food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned that the large-scale infestation across eight provinces could result in significant economic ..



How different is modern method from the traditional method of locust control?

Desert locust attack had been a lifelong problem for farmers residing in subcontinent primarily in India, and Pakistan. Traditionally, when technology was not developed, the farmers used to destroy the breeding ground itself, if any left from this, they use ..


FAO issues Locust alert to India

On July 5, 2020, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations issued locust alert for India. According to the organization, India should remain on “high alert” for the next four weeks. Highlights India is currently under the worst ..


Indian Air Force develops Airborne Locust Control System

The Indian Air Force has developed an airborne locust control system that can be integrated with Mi-17 helicopters. Highlights The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare has signed an agreement with the UK firm to modify Mi-17 helicopters to ..


Make in India: Locust Control Sprayer

The trials of Locust Control ULV sprayer under Make in India initiative were conducted in Ajmer and Bikaner and were successful. The trials were conducted by the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare. Highlights According to the United Nations, India ..


Pakistan skips crucial talks with India to tackle locust attacks

Pakistan did not attend the crucial meeting with India to tackle the recent locust attacks that caused a huge damage to crops in both the countries. The Pakistan foreign office had earlier stated that Pakistan and India are cooperating with ..